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When Do I Call

Pick up the phone: Your first court date may be as soon as 10 days or as late as six weeks from the date of your arrest. The time to

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Veterans Treatment Court

Eligibility Requirements Are You Eligible for Veterans Treatment Court? Important: Having a case moved to a VTC must usually be done through a court order from the judge in the
Monterey Criminal Attorney

Drunk Driving

A DUI arrest may result in a driver being charged with one or more of the following criminal offenses. The police may also file related charges to the DUI


The criminal justice system is a lot like fishing. When you fish with a net you often get fish that you are not trying to catch, ones that do


ARRAIGNMENT IN THE SUPERIOR COURT: ARRAIGNMENT/FIRST APPEARANCE: At the arraignment, you are formally advised of the charges and your constitutional rights. Bail is often set during the arraignment. You should have
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All law enforcement officers – such as police officers, county sheriff officers, investigators in a district attorney’s or an attorney general’s offices and highway patrol officers – can arrest


No matter which approach is taken this is the ground from which the defense strategy will grow.